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Professional Deck Staining Experts

The deck is a crucial component of your house. It’s where you enjoy breezy summer evenings with your family, friends and neighbors on the weekends. It is important that this part of your home is properly maintained. Your deck’s material should be durable and able to withstand both winter conditions and summer storms. Staining your deck frequently is the best method to keep it safe. Numerous homeowners have benefited from the expertise of Fresh Finish Painting’s deck painters in maintaining the aesthetic appeal and weather resistance of their decks. To avoid harming the wood, our skilled staff will always pressure wash your deck with just the right amount of pressure.

Perks of our service

Staining your deck will prolong its life by preventing decay and insect infestation in addition to highlighting the wood grain and enhancing its overall beauty.

Additionally, deck staining will stop the wood from absorbing moisture, which can freeze and result in expensive damage. When selecting a deck stain for your project, keep in mind that a transparent stain will highlight the wood grain while a solid hue will only partially disclose the wood’s natural color. We always use just the right quantity of stain, letting your wood breathe and for appropriate drying.

Restore your deck

Maximizing your investment requires protecting your wood deck from UV radiation, harsh weather, humidity, and other issues. Your outdoor space will be expertly repaired, maintained, and protected by our deck staining services so that you can enjoy it for many years to come. While highlighting the natural wood grain and often being less slippery than paint, stains require more frequent application than paint. Decks must be properly stained and frequently refinished because of the harsh circumstances they are constantly exposed to throughout the year if you want your deck to last for many years to come.

Our Process

Cleaning the deck comes first. Sweeping the deck boards, using a pressure washer, utilizing a deck cleaner, and removing any flaking paint are all examples of cleaning. Sanding comes next. Sanding is necessary to create a good, even, smooth wood surface to which a coat of stain can cling. Step three is getting ready. We prepare the area and exterior surfaces by painters taping off the edges. We’ll also get your trays, rollers, and paint pads ready, along with your paint or stain and all of your other supplies. Finally, we paint or apply stains. Following the directions on the product package, we wait for the paint or stain to dry.